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Diverse Learning Environments

In a safe, nurturing environment our educators intentionally plan curriculum designed to meet each
child’s interests. Our Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K classrooms will focus on monthly themes that will allow the teachers and children to follow these interests and enhance their curiosity and love for learning. Each day, there will be a balance between free play and structure, child-initiated and teacher-initiated play, fine and gross motor choices, and small and large group activities. Our hope is for each child to begin their exciting journey of learning with us at Let’s Learn Together.


Our infant room is designed to keep a close watch on little ones while fostering growth & development skills.



Developmental milestones continue in our toddler room as children continue to build upon the skill development started in the mobile infant room.


Learning through exploration and educational based group time. We believe kids need to have fun but also develop the skills they will need for school.


Our Pre-K program encourages curiosity,

creativity, confidence and compassion.

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