About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands

About Us

We believe learning begins through play!

Our experienced team of educators have over 20 years of experience with childcare development. We're passionate about providing your child an environment they can thrive within.

Each of our specific rooms are designed to engage, teach and foster growth. Whether you have a 4-month old infant or a 4-yr old, we cannot wait to meet your little one and be a part of their education.

Health & Safety

Keeping your kids safe, healthy and happy is our #1 goal. We take every precaution to keep germs spreading to keep your child healthy and active. We also use state-of-art security to ensure your child is safe at all times.

Our staff is CPR Certified.

Monthly Rates

5 days- $2750
4 days-  $2425
3 days- $ 1975
2 days-   $1450

5 days- $2600
4 days- $2300
  3 days -$1900
2 days- $1200

5 days-$2300
4 days-$2025
3 days-$1650
2 days- $1100

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